So, NO! Now, what?

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Towards A More Perfect NSTU

So. Here we are, smack in the middle of uncharted territory. Minutes after 70% of voting public school members rejected the latest tentative agreement, Minister Casey made it clear that the government has no interest whatsoever in collective bargaining that involves further negotiation. That, coupled with repeated statements from Premier McNeil in the days leading to the ratification vote that the government will not allow an arbitrator to settle any collective agreement with public sector unions, leaves us with a collective bargaining process with one final chapter: strike action or lockout.

Let’s step back for a moment to consider our lot.

Collective bargaining is traditionally a process that has a continuum of options and phases designed to provide both sides with flexibility and opportunity to find avenues to arrive at mutually agreeable terms. At times, that process is fairly straightforward. In others, these options provide complexity that empowers problem solving…

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4 thoughts on “So, NO! Now, what?”

  1. I am also a teacher from the Philippines 🙂 I followed your blog because I know that somehow I can relate to your posts

  2. I had shared one of your previous posts on snow days and it came up on my memory feed on Facebook. In looking around, I see you’re from my province, dealing with what I’m dealing with! I’d love to read what’s going through your mind with all the latest twists and turns!!!

    1. Hi Allison! I recognize your name from the Teachers Supporting Teachers, or one of those many sites. Thanks for sharing my Snow Days post. I have a few posts coming out based on my new book. I hope you like them!
      What do I think about the mess we’re in right now? I don’t know. It’s so sad, honestly. The government has been one step ahead of us this whole time. Every time we think we might be getting ahead, they either leak info to the media or go straight out and give interviews. I don’t know how our union is supposed to negotiate with these guys. I know everyone is upset that our exec accepted this last offer, and I get that, it’s a stinker, but I wonder what it must be like to negotiate with someone who refuses to negotiate? I think the government is banking on us folding under public pressure. I hope we don’t do that.
      What do you think?

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