Memoir, Raves, Teacher

Those perfect days

Today was one of those days that makes you think, “Yeah, I chose the right career.”

My students performed two plays – just cheap little reader’s theatre plays right out of a book – nothing too crazy or creative. But they took these little plays and turned them into their own. They created props and backgrounds. They brought in costumes. They made posters. I just backed farther and farther away until they were working pretty much on their own. Keep in mind, that these kids are 9 and 10 years old. It was hard not to take over, change things, make it “better”. Instead, I sat on my hands, bit my tongue and just tried to control the chaos that creativity brings.

This afternoon they took to the stage. The kids who were behind the scenes, the stagehands and props people, were as excited as the actors. 600 kids, teachers, and parents watched them as they performed their 5 minute plays. After they were done, they were exhilarated. They said, “Can we do that again???”

You bet we’ll do it again.

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